Printing, scanning & photocopying in College Libraries and computer rooms

Please note that Training Sessions on using this service will take place between Monday 21st October and Friday 25th October 2013 in North Training Room, Berkeley Library. Please see the training schedule for further information.


The printing, scanning and photocopying facilities in the College Libraries and computer rooms are managed by IS Services and the College Library, and provided by Datapac. There are multi-function devices (MFDs) in the College Libraries and College computer rooms located throughout the campus, and in some off-campus locations.


It is possible to print from any computer in the computer rooms to any of the Datapac MFDs, whether on or off campus, as printing from these computers works on a ‘follow-me’ system. This means that after you have sent a job to be printed, it will print out on whatever Datapac MFD you choose to release the job from.


Note that in order to be able to use this service you must first credit your print account, see the first link in the list below for details on how to credit your print account.


If you need assistance with the service then please see our Getting help section.