Managing Your Print Account

students-working-on-laptop-largeYour College ID card acts as a identification card for the Datapac service in the College Libraries and IT Services computer rooms. Before using the printing, scanning and photocopying service you must credit your print account, following one of the methods outlined below. Note that this service has its own PIN, separate to your College network login password.

Your print account PIN

Your print account PIN acts as a password for the Datapac service. Students will receive a randomly generated PIN which will be emailed to their College email account, from and with the subject line ‘New PIN for Trinity Printing and Photocopying’. Guests and College staff set their own PIN when creating a guest print account.

You can use this PIN straight away, but students are advised to change their PIN to one of their personal perference.

If you lose or forget your print account PIN you must call in person to the Datapac technician with your College ID card, and he or she will generate a new PIN for you which will be emailed to your College email account.

Checking your print account balance and print history

To check your account balance and print history sign in at

Purchasing credit

You can credit your account either by using your TCard or by using a credit/debit card online.

Tcard Fundshuffle Kiosk

Please follow the below steps to use the TCard Fundshuffle Kiosk:

  1. Insert your TCard into the TCard reader
  2. Select “Top Up Printing Account Using TCard”
  3. Enter the amount you wish to shuffle to your print account
  4. Confirm the amount
  5. Your updated print balance will appear on the screen.

Please note: Once credit is shuffled to your Datapac print account it cannot be shuffled back to your TCard account.


Purchasing credit online using credit or debit card

  1. Browse to and sign in using your student ID number and print account PIN.
  2. After signing in simply follow the options to credit your account using credit/debit card

Staff – create an account

Guests in the College Libraries and College staff wishing to use these services must create a print account via one of the Datapac Kiosks before being able to use the facilities. Please follow the instructions below or check out the video outlining how to create a guest account.

  1. At one of the Datapac Kiosks, touch ‘Guest Sign Up’
  2. Enter your name
  3. Choose a 4 digit numeric PIN code (example 1234)
  4. Type in your contact email address (if you don’t have an email address use
  5. Insert cash and touch ‘Finish’A receipt will print with your Guest ID login number; these details will be emailed to you, if you entered your email address. Use your login number and PIN at an MFD. Keep this Guest ID number and your PIN safe and you can use this when you visit again, by entering this Guest login number and PIN at the kiosk to top up, or when you top up online at The account will be removed if inactive for 14 months.

How to create a Guest Account? 

Visiting readers and guests to the College Library wishing to use the printing services must first apply at the library admissions desk in the Berkeley Library. Shortly after applying you will 

receive an email containing your print account details. 


You must add credit to your Datapac account before you can use the print/scan/copy services. 

Credit can be added to your account in two ways: 

1. Using the Datapac kiosk. Enter your Guest ID code on the kiosk screen and follow 

the onscreen instructions to top up your account. The kiosk accepts coins and notes. 

Datapac kiosks are located in Berkeley Library ground floor (Iveagh Hall), St. James 

(outside the John Stearne Medical Library on the first floor of the Trinity Centre) 

and Dublin Dental Library. 

2. Online at Enter your Guest ID number and Pin to log into your account. Then 

click “epay” to bring you to the payment option. Enter your payment details along with the 

amount you wish to top up. The credit will then be added to your print account immediately.