How To Print

girl-student-printing-success-largeSending a job to print from a learning space:

  1. Select File -> Print
  2. Select one of the print queues:
  3. Press OK
  4. You can release your print job at any Datapac printer on campus.

Retrieving a print job (Pull Print):

  1. Touch Pull Print on the screen
  2. Enter your Student number, you can do this by typing it on the printer keypad or Touch Screen, or by scanning your Student Card.
  3. Enter your 4 digit PIN on the keypad or Touch Screen.
  4. Select your print job by using up/down scroll keys on the touch screen and checking the box to the left of the document you want to print
  5. Press Print to print job
  6. Press Home to return to main screen and Logout

When you are finished printing your document please log off the printer using the yellow button on the keypad.

View Datapac’s How to Print Video