Below are the prices of using the printing, scanning and photocopying services provided by Datapac in the College Libraries and IT Services computer rooms.



Printing and photocopying prices

  • A4 black and white single-sided: 5c
  • A4 black and white duplex: 8c
  • A4 colour single-sided: 15c
  • A4 colour duplex: 28c
  • A3 black and white single-sided: 10c
  • A3 black and white duplex: 15c
  • A3 colour single-sided: 30c
  • A3 colour duplex: 55c

Scanning prices

  • 3c per page

Getting help

Some common queries are answered in the FAQ and in the tutorial videos.

If you still need assistance the quickest way of getting help is to contact the Datapac technicians.